Fitness Food HQ Excelling On The Food Academy Program

Hector O’Heochagain visited Fitness Food HQ as part of the Food Academy program. Supervalu offers amazing opportunities for small to medium sized food producers who get a big chance to supply stores across the country. Fitness Food HQ was selected as one of the five companies to showcase their products. Fitness Food HQ is a rapidly growing business focused on delivering health products across retail and online. Supervalu wanted to showcase the growth Fitness Food HQ has had since it started with Supervalu. 

The Food Academy

The Food Academy provided Fitness Food HQ with the opportunity to start supplying stores on a local level – meeting store managers and displaying products on offer. 

The Food Academy starts with a bootcamp style process. You apply online, you meet your Supervalu contact and apply to be part of the program. As the program progresses brands are selected to progress and go to an advanced workshop. It is a steep learning curve and allows brands to learn how the retailer works, your price point, supplying products direct to store or direct to the warehouse. 

FFHQ has grown into a nationwide supplier with Musgraves. The products can be found across Supervalu & Centra stores. Over 500 locations nationwide now stock our products which has been a huge success for FFHQ. Allowing us to expand manufacturing and growth as a business.

The two core products on offer at local stores are focused in the drink and snack space. 

Fitness Food HQ Excelling Food Academy Program
Fitness Food HQ Excelling Food Academy Program - Supervalu Food Academy
Fitness Food HQ Excelling Food Academy Program - Healthy Meals Delivered

Protein & Vitamin Water

Fitness Food Protein Water is a unique product offering 12 grams of whey protein isolate per bottle, less than 50 calories, sugar free and fat free. It also contains 100% RDA of 4 Vitamins. This hand-held hydration and protein-filled thirst quencher ticks all the boxes with nutrition and fruity flavours to keep you on track throughout the day!

Protein & Vitamin Porridge

Fitness Food HQ Vitamin & Protein Porridge offers 12 grams of protein with 100% RDA of 4 vitamins (including Vitamin D – which Irish people lack in). This handy grab & go pot is ideal as a breakfast, snack on the run or as a post exercise filler. Simply add hot water and stir!